Mini Altar Kit

Mini Altar Kit

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Mini Altar Kit 

A little box of Magick


Mini Altar Besom for protection and cleansing the Altar space

Mini Wand for use in casting spells or directing energy flow

Mini Athame for carving

Hag stone for protection of your home or Altar

Shell for connection to the Water Elements

A crystal for connection to the Earth Elements

Wishes for connection to the Air Elements

Candles for connection to the Fire Elements

A mini crystal ball for scrying and spirit connection

A Goddess symbol to connect to the Goddess of your choice

A Pentacle for proection and connection to all the Elements

Full Moon Eclipse Water for use in Spells

Black Salt for Protection and Circle Casting

Abundance Salt for use in money spells

Moon Salt to connect to the Lunar energies in casting


* Please note these are handcrafted to order and could take upto 2 weeks to be dispatched


    Wooden Box 7" x 5" filled with various Magickal items


    Returns not accepted.


    Shipping within 7 working days, as handmade to order.

    Standard Second class Parcel