Witches Black Salt

Witches Black Salt

Small glass bottle of handmade, blessed witches black salt, complete with ribbon and Pentacle charm.

Pagans, Wiccans, Witches and Voodoo practitioners use black salt in their spell work, it can be used to cast your circle of protection.
It is mainly used to protect from negative forces, it can be used to break a curse or hex.
Sprinkle at your door and windows to protect your home from negativity, return jealously or even a hex or curse back to the sender,  ensure that you replace it regularly as once it soaks up the negative energies it will need to be replaced to become active again? 
Make sure you state your intent when using black salt. 
Carry a small amount in your pocket or bag to avoid negative people affecting you.
You can also place some next to or under your bed to stop bad dreams or nightmares.
Do not be afraid to use Black Salt as a protection tool it is not Black Magick it is only protective Magick and can be used to protect you and return dark Magick back to the sender.


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